Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our 7th Anniversary

So, Mike and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on June 23rd - yep, we made it another year. We celebrated our anniversary in Horseshoe Bay at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Llano, Texas. We had such a fabulous time together. You don't realize how much you need time like that until you get to take it. Only 45 minutes away, we got there and scoped out the grounds. They have SO much to do we weren't sure what we wanted to do first, so we decided the BAR. The first night we went down to the Lantana Grill and Bar - drank lots and ate two fabulous appetizers - the Mexican Style Seafood Cocktail with Avocado, Lobster, Shrimp and Lump Crabmeat, OMG SO GOOD - and we had the Bacon Wrapped Steak Fondue with chips and salsa - SO GOOD also! A man at the bar bought us a glass of wine - $18 a glass and it was SO horrible but we drank it, of course! We FINALLY made it back up to our room - yeah, it took a little bit, but, it was only 11:30pm. Oh well, we made it last a little longer!!!

The day, we got up early and decided we wanted to go to the little shops in downtown Llano (thanks, babe!) Then we went to the Yacht Club, oh yeah, Yacht Club! We sat out from 11:30 until 5:30 that afternoon in lounge chairs in the sandy beach area looking out into the Llano River - at the big houses. SO RELAXING! There was a wedding going on that evening, so everyone had to clear the area by 5:30. When we got back to the hotel we decided to get ready and go out for dinner. We at at the Rivercity Grill and Bar on the Llano River. A little bit of music and dinner was just what we needed. When we got back to the hotel, we were so exhausted (7:30pm) we both fell asleep. We slept so hard and then woke up around midnight SO thirsty! Mike went down and got a couple of cokes for us. When he got back we were both wide awake! We both looked at each other and said...we could be at home in 45 minutes in our own bed and wake up in the morning and be HOME!

After our short 45 minutes drive - 15 minute wait in the Taco Cabana drive through we made it home!

What a great weekend with my husband! I love you babe and look forward to many more to come!


rachael... said...

Happy Anniversary!

mbc said...

Fun! I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. Happy Anniversary.

Those pics make Llano look like somewhere wonderful in Mexico...only 45 minutes away!